Black Crocodile

1. Black Crocodile Finish
2. Thickness 1.2mm to 1.4mm
3. Skin size average is 13 sqft

Buff Crocodile

1. Slightly Hand 🧤 finish
2. Has a blend of tan and brown
3. Thickness 1.2mm to 1.4mm
4. Skin size average is 13 sqft

Momordica Leather

Thickness 0.8 to 1.0

Squeezing Print

Embossed Leather

Embossed leather is leather that has been stamped using heat and high pressure to create a pattern or design in the hide. The variety is tremendous ranging from alligator, crocodile, ostrich, flowers, geometric and Indian designs, to name just a few.

Akram Tannery Kasur is Pakistan’s leading Embossed Leather Supplier. We have a wide array of variety due to an experienced in-house design team and our vast production capacity. These features have allowed us to maintain our commendable position in the leather industry and maintain our spot as a leading embossed leather supplier of Pakistan. 

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