Our Team

Malik Haji Muhammad

Malik Haji Muhammad


It was 1990 when Malik Haji Muhammad laid the foundation of Akram Tannery, located in Kasur, Punjab, Pakistan. His vision was to provide the best quality of leather to the local and international market. He has experience in leather industry that spans over three decades and still strives to improve.

Mr Jaffar - Head of Dyeing Department

Khawaja Jaffar

Head of Dyeing Dept.

Khawaja Jaffar

Muhammad Latif

Head of Finishing Dept.

Haider Shahzad Leather Quality Department

Haider Shahzad

Head of Quality Dept.

Trade Fairs

In pursuit of staying up to date with market trends and latest innovations, we enthusiastically participate in national and international exhibitions and trade fairs. View our team engaging with clients and leather enthusiasts.